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About Hamilton 

Cattle Co.

Hamilton Cattle Company is a grass-fed, cow-calf to finish beef operation located in Florence and Chittenden, VT.  We take pride in raising cattle that spend the majority of their lives on open pastureland, grazing from late April to December, and consuming hay through the winter months.  Cattle are fed and managed with close regard to their health, human health, and the environment.  


Meet Jamie 

Jamie fell in love with farming at a young age while visiting a crop farm in Cornwall, England each summer.  After deciding that he wanted to attend veterinary school, his parents suggested that it may be a good idea to get some farm experience to determine if the large animal or small animal care route would be of more interest.  At age 14, he began helping on his neighbor’s dairy farm in Chittenden, VT.  Farming grew from a hobby into an integral part of life, taking the place of school sports in his final year of high school. 

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