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We are currently accepting cash, checks, or Venmo (use Venmo handle @James-Hamilton-275 ).  Please contact us with any questions!

About Pricing

The price per pound for beef is based on hot hanging weight.  Hot hanging weight is the weight of the carcass immediately after it has been slaughtered.  Most of our cattle will have a hot hanging weight of between 600 and 700 lbs.  A 650 lb carcass will yield approximately 400lbs of packaged meat depending on the way you choose to have it cut.  Our price includes the processing and packaging of the meat by our USDA Certified Slaughterhouse, The Royal Butcher.


As an example:  If you purchased half of a cow and that cow had a hanging weight of 650 lbs, you would be paying for 325 lbs of meat at $6.25/lb, totaling $2,031.25.  The packaged meat that you receive would include every possible cut from your 325 lb half.  The packaged weight will be about 35% less than the hanging weight due to loss from deboning and trimming.  After accounting for this yield loss, you would receive about 211 lbs of packaged meat.  This meat (filet mignon, steaks, roasts, ground beef, and any other cuts you choose) would cost you approximately $9.63 per pound.



Local delivery is available for a fee.


$500 dollar deposit for whole cow

$300 dollar deposit for halves and quarters. 


Deposits are refundable until 2 weeks before the scheduled slaughter date.  Upon receiving a deposit, we will get in touch with you to determine how you would like your meat processed.  


Whole Cow: $6.00/lb hanging weight, custom cutting available

Half Cow: $6.25/lb hanging weight, custom cutting available

Quarter Cow:  $6.50/lb hanging weight, standard cuts


If you desire a smaller order, you can request to join our beef consumer list, where you will be matched with another party who would like to split a quarter of a cow.  E-mail for more info.

The Beef Box: $240, A selection of steaks, roasts, and ground beef, approximately 20lbs.  Exact cuts vary based on availability.  

Bulk Ground Beef Boxes: 20lb box, $160; 50lb box, $400.

Steak Boxes: Offered in two sizes ($150 and $300), these boxes contain a selection of some of our finest steaks (ribeye, NY strip, sirloin, etc.).


Our beef is also for sale locally in serving size amounts at Baird Farm in North Chittenden and at Kamuda's Market in Pittsford!

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