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Cuts of Meat

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Chuck:  The chuck is the front shoulder and is commonly used for ground beef and roasts.      

Rib:  The rib consists of high quality meat with higher marbling.  It is commonly cut into steaks or left in larger rib roasts.

Loin:  This cut is the most tender cut of beef and consists of the short loin and the tenderloin.  It is located along the back of the cow and consists of less active muscle, making it juicy and ideal for excellent steaks or filet mignon.   

8 Primal Meat Cuts

Round:  The round is a lean cut of beef from the rear of the cow.  It is often used for slow cooking or roasts since it is a tougher cut of meat.

Flank:  The flank is a relatively lean cut of steak that contains a fair amount of muscle fiber.  It can be marinated and grilled or it can also be used for ground beef.

Short Plate:  The short plate is located under the rib area of the cow.  Hangar steaks and skirt steaks can be cut from this primal.  This meat is relatively high in fat.

Shank:  The shank is located near the lower abdomen and is a constantly used muscle area, making this cut great for stew meat, roasts, or for ground beef.

Brisket:  The brisket is located in the lower chest of the cow.  It is a very lean cut of beef averaging around 3% fat due to this area of the cow being one of the most used areas of muscle.  This also makes this cut tougher and more flavorful.  

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